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Alfie Pugh - West Side Story

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Alfie Pugh - Into The Woods

Alfie’s setup from Into The Woods at the Barnfield Theatre in Exeter, United Kingdom

“The Barnfield doesn't have a pit (unless you count the space between the front row of chairs and the stage) so any band bigger than about 5 players has to go in a large dressing room backstage with blankets gaffer taped to the walls and floor.

We kept one of the costume racks to hang the 'anvil' from (we use a piece of shelving that sounds great when hit with a hammer), and this sits above the blocks, cowbell, triangle etc. The Miller Machine is incredibly useful for this show, particularly in the Hello Little Girl number where you already have to juggle a bass drum beater, soft mallets and brushes. This is my first show using the Miller Machine and I will be using it for every show I do again.

I am doing the chimes, electronic drums and crotales on the keyboard. There is a sustain pedal for the crotales on top of the amp - the most comfortable place for it to go with my high stool.”

Check out Alfie’s website and his Facebook page.