• Drum Set and Percussion Setups from Musical Theatre and More

Ryan McCausland - Urinetown

Ryan’s setup from Urinetown at the Eagle Theatre in Hammonton, New Jersey.

“The Drums are a PDP Concept Maple Kit in a Red to Black Sparkle Fade. The Sizes are an 18x22 Kick, 8x10 and 9x12 Rack Toms, a 12x14 Floor Tom and a 5.5x14 Snare.

Cymbals (from left to right) a pair of 14'' Zildjian K Hats, an 18’’ Zildjian K Dark Thin Crash, a 10’’ A Custom Splash, A 6’’ Zildjian Zil-Bel, an 18’’ Steve Weiss China Cymbal, and a 20’’ Zildjian K Ride.

The auxiliary percussion includes a Steve Weiss Ratchet mounted to the Hi Hat, a Zildjian finger cymbal mounted on the music stand, a Blue LP Jam Block, a 6’’ Alan Able Triangle mounted on the Miller Machine, an LP Mambo Cowbell mounted on the Kick Drum, a Pearl mounted tambourine and a Black Swamp Headed Tambourine with German Silver Jingles mounted on a cymbal stand. There is also a Pearl trap table on the right side and a set of Treeworks Tre35 Windchimes.

The Hardware is a mixture of DW, Gibraltar, LP, and Yamaha. 

The Roland SPD-SX sampling pad was used to play all of the instruments that the theatre could not fit in the pit. This included Timpani, Orchestra Bells, and Crotales. There is no electronic pad written in the show but the theatre didn’t have the space to fit all the concert percussion instruments in the basement and decided not to rent them, so I programed all of those instruments on to the pad.

The Sticks are all Vic Firth including a pair of Heritage Brushes, American Jazz AJ6 Sticks, and SD6 Swizzle Bs. 

The Heads are all Evans and include G1 Coated heads on the Toms, a Coated HD Dry head on the Snare, and an EMAD2 on the Kick.

This was one of the most memorable musicals I’ve ever worked on. I really enjoyed the music as it incorporated a lot of concert percussion in with the drums. It was the first musical I had worked on after my undergraduate work and without the resources of the music department. This gave me an opportunity to improvise with the instrumentation a little bit and made the setup a lot of fun. Hopefully someday I’ll get a chance play this show again using real concert equipment but I had a great time with this production just the same.”

And here’s Ryan’s website.