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Rich Rosenzweig - On The Town

Rich’s setup for On The Town currently running on Broadway at the Lyric Theatre on 42nd Street in New York City.


“My set up for On The Town is another relatively simple set up for me - a straight-forward 4-piece drum set show, with the added toys of woodblock, cowbell, mounted tambourine, mounted machine castanets, slide whistle, acme siren whistle, and, of course the Billy Miller Triangle Machine.

Initially there was the possibility that I'd be playing a combined drum/percussion book in this production (a tall order!), in order to have our minimum include an extra violinist, but thankfully, our producers have gone whole-hog with a 28-piece orchestra. So we're having our cake and eating it, too, with 10 strings and the great Charlie Descarfino on the separate percussion book.

My part is all drumming, but with the thrill of shifting gears between ‘legit’ and 40s-style jazzy show drumming, down to punctuating jokes with rim-shots and acme sirens. And nothing can beat the score, written by a then 24 year-old Leonard Bernstein.

Of note are my snare - a 15-ply, 5-inch deep Eames shell, and my 13" Zildjian splash, part of an old 40s hi-hat. I feel strongly about having a larger splash that sounds period-authentic rather than a smaller, ‘cuter’ sounding splash.

We're playing the entire, original score from 1944, and by all accounts the orchestra is getting a rare, huge acoustic sound out in the house. A complete joy for all of us, and our amazing maestro, Jim Moore, each and every night.”