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Carter McLean - Lion King

Carter’s drum-set setup for the Broadway production of Lion King currently running at the Minskoff Theatre in New York City.


“Lion King is a really demanding book technically but it is also really fun to play. It has a lot of Peter Gabriel type ‘In Your Eyes’ grooves and some Steve Gadd types of patterns. A few sections are great for keeping your hands up to speed. One song ‘Can’t Wait To Be King’ has a medium/up tempo shuffle in the left hand on snare while playing up beats on the floor tom with the right hand. The best part of this show is all the styles you get to play. It has an African/Pop core and then branches off to Rock, Latin, R&B Ballads and Big Drum breaks.

I use the Roland SPD 30 to trigger orchestral crash, woodblock effects, Electronic 808 dance type of kit plus a remote V drum pad above the hi hat for tambourine and other effects during the show.

I can’t say enough about the snare I’m using at the show. Ronn Dunnett makes my drums and that one is a 6.5x14 stainless steel drum with die cast hoops. He makes unbelievably versatile instruments and also complete drum sets now with George Way drums.

I’m also a very proud Zildjian artist. The people at Zildjian are world class individuals and Paul Francis is a true craftsman.  

DW Drums
10”,12”,14”,16” and 22” maple 

Zildjian Cymbals (left to right)
15" K Prototype Hats
19" Constantinople Crash/Ride
9" Oriental Splash
21" Dark Complex Dry Ride 
20" K China 
22" K China 

Snare 6.5x14 Dunnett Stainless Steel with diecast hoops. 
He makes the best drums I have ever played and proudly endorse dunnett/george way drums.  Trying to get a new set in theatre to replace the DWs.

12" Palongo Hand Drum from Ghana

26" DW Orchestral Bass Drum

LP Granite Blocks

Roland SPD Pads and V Drum Pad.  

Vic Firth Sticks
Rute 202
Rute 505
5A dual tone

Remo clear vintage emperors toms.  
Coated CS dot on snare.  
Clear Powerstroke 3 kick

I also endorse Earthworks Mics and Westone in-ear Monitors which are both unbelievable company's. Amazing stuff.